Katie Loves the Quilt

It’s finally finished!

I began this quilt almost exactly one year ago — a baby quilt for Katie.  I remember spending most of last year’s LDS general conference piecing together the patchwork blocks.  Then, a week later, my quilting book fell behind the dryer.  (AKA the Impregnable Black Hole of the household.  Go ahead, drop something not-too-necessary behind yours.  See how long it takes you to fish it out.)

So my patchworks blocks may have languished in limbo, if not for my sister, who kidnapped them and gave then some lovely sashing and borders:

This picture is from her blog, The Stevie Times.  Doesn’t Liz have an excellent eye for color?  I, uh, don’t, as evidenced by the funky orange triangles.  Next time I quilt, it will be from a kit.  The fabric she used for the tiny corner squares came from a dress my mom made for me when I was eight.  It was my favorite favorite as a little girl so it was fun to see it again.

Anyway, the top was then sent to a semi-professional quilter my mother knows, who layered and quilted little pink daisies all over it.  Then my mother made the binding.  I think it’s great that all three of us — me, my mom, and my sister — worked collaboratively on this project.

Hmm.  I just noticed that my mom and I aren’t looking at the camera.  That’s the mother-daughter bond for you.