My mother-in-law’s birthday is today, and she loves receiving a grandchild-produced home movie as a present.  Last year we made Sleeping Beauty — a stunner of backyard theatrics if ever there was one — but this year we decided on simpler fare.

Eleanor and William chose Coleen Salley’s adaptation of Epossumondas, a “noodlehead” tale.

I’m impressed by their performances.  Ellie’s animal voices are for the win.  And yeah, I held Katie in one arm while filming.  If you notice jiggly camerawork, that’s Katie grabbing my hand.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes that is real butter melted on Wimmy’s head.  He had a bath directly afterwards.

Cinema Camisas: The Lion and the Mouse

William’s preschool is observing spring break this week.  I was hoping to go out and give him some adventures, but it keeps snowing!  When we woke up this morning, flakes were once again falling outside, and I decided that we needed to make a movie.  It’s been ages since the last one.  (And hey, notice that all of our family films are in the left sidebar!)

But what story can be adapted to the acting abilities of a preschooler and a baby?

This is the answer.  Enjoy.