Dancin’ Man

This winter, teachers from the Tanner creative dance program came to Jeffrey’s school to teach his class some moves.  He absolutely adored it; the teachers always brought along a pianist or percussionist, so the kids could move to live music, and they created dances based on words and language. 

Two weeks ago they put on a performance for parents, and I was able to film a bit of it.  Jeffrey, unfortunately, was just as interested in chewing on the ties of his sweatpants as he was in dancing.  My friend, Heather, was also there an said she didn’t notice the pants-chewing at all, but admitted that if she were Jeffrey’s mom, it would take all her willpower not to leap into the performance and yank the thing out of his mouth.  Amen.

That said, this is the most adorable gangly dance I’ve seen in a while:

If you’re wondering why there is a kid in the background with a red mohawk, it was also Silly Hair Day at the school.  Earlier that same day, I had volunteered in Jeff’s classroom, and the boys who hadn’t dyed their hair were all obsessed with running their heads under the water fountain so they could “spike” themselves.  Geez, boys.