Easter Blossoms

It’s been four years since we’ve done Easter on our own.  I’m usually more laid-back about this holiday, unlike Christmas.  Perhaps because I want the observance to be more about personal spiritual reflection?


But we did go to the neighborhood egg hunt yesterday (sponsored by the Presbyterian church down the street).


Eleanor found one of the “golden eggs” that she exchanged for a special prize.  They gave her a whole bag of Easter-y swag, including a chocolate crucifix.  Now that’s sacrilicious!



After church today we cooked up some Gouda potatoes and headed off to Bellevue for Easter dinner with friends.  On the way we decided to stop at the Seattle temple and walk around the grounds, since Eleanor has been asking to do this.



The gardens include this little woodsy area with little pathways circling in and around the trees.  Benches, birdbaths and garden art are tucked here and there in corners.  It’s really quite lovely, and the most perfect place for children to play.

P1070341 P1070347  P1070339

One side of the temple grounds had a frothy row of blooming cherry trees.  Cue the impromptu portrait session in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

P1070351 P1070357 P1070356 P1070353

Going Eggy

Since we live equidistant from both sets of grandparents, all of our holidays are double-barrelled.  This year we made eggs with one Grandma . . .

. . . and then the other, who had gotten kind of carried away with the egg-itude.  I think there were SEVEN DOZEN of them.  I’ve never used so many PAAS tablets in my life.

We had a lovely salmon dinner with Grandpa . . .

. . . and I made a “Lemon Canadian Crown” for the other grandpa.  This is a frozen dessert, with lemon mousse inside, and a meringue topping.  Ladyfingers make the crust (which I purchased from a store, ’cause I’m not that nuts to make my own).

We also had an egg hunt with Cousin June.  Note that Katie is old enough to wear the pink sweater I knitted for her.

The egg hunt was followed by what may possibly have been the world’s cutest game of kickball.  Cousin June gave everyone hugs as she rounded the bases, and assorted other children kept running back and forth from one fielder to another.  I also took the opportunity to confirm that I still stink at kickball.

Church on Sunday featured what may be the best “youth speaker” I’ve ever heard.  It was given by Eliza, who has competed in debate tournaments at the national level, and the talk was so well-organized and focus that you could almost hear the bullet points as they went by.

On Easter Sunday, Eleanor was thrilled to wear a matching dress with her baby sister.  Cheesy?  Yeah, but I can’t resist.  Eleanor is still very much in love with Katie.