Congratulations, Ellabelle!

Eleanor officially graduated from preschool last week.  Would you believe the tiny little blue robes?  The tassels are proportionate to the rest of the outfit.  I’m not sure what Ella will do with hers . . . hang it from the rear-view mirror of her tricycle?

Both grandmas and one grandpa were able to come, as well as her dad and Wimmy.  Note the tiny little corsage on her wrist — that’s from my mom.  She thought she was doing something really funny and clever, but when she went to the florist’s shop for it, she found out that people buy preschool graduation corsages all the time.  Huh.

And would you believe that Hallmark makes three different preschool graduation cards?  THREE.

Anyway, it was a happy day for her.  Her teacher, Miss Annette, gave her the “I Can Do It Award,” based on Eleanor’s general persistence.  The diploma states that she is now a “master of rhymes” — nursery rhymes, although it really does sound like the name of a two-bit M.C. circa 1993.

On to kindergarten, my girl!