Loving & Leaving Pittsburgh: Schenley Park

One of the great things about Pittsburgh is its long history of eccentric millionaires who donated large swathes of land to the city for parks just to tick of their families.

Thanks, Mary Schenley, for deciding to get even with your dad! Now we all have a great big park to run around in!

The paths were originally meant for horse-drawn carriages to go down, so they are wide and graveled — perfect for strollers.

I absolutely adore this park — we call it our “enchanted forest.”  It’s so lush and green.

The paths and hidden staircases spiral downwards into a series of ravines.  Panther Hollow is at the bottom, where there is a duck pond.  We always like to bring bread for them to eat.

Years ago, there used to be a boating house here, but now the only boats on the pond are toy ones.  Jeffrey likes to make little leaf boats and float clovers on top.

On the other side of the forest is the Bartlett Playground, which is our Playground of Choice.  There are rarely any weird people hanging out in this park, and it’s easy to see the whole area from any of the benches.  Ella and Wimmy are obsessed with the swings.

On the slope that leads to the forest is Wildflower Hill.  A crop of daisies just came into bloom this month.  Jeffrey had fun frolicking about.

Oh, I’ll miss zooming in and around this forest!