Movin’ Out. . . Er, In

Tomorrow is the day — Moving Day!

YES — almost two months to the day since Brian and I first arrived in Utah, our new house is, while still not 100% finished, livable and so we are moving into Retro Acres tomorrow.

Yeah.  That’s the nickname we’ve given the house.  It isn’t stately or charming or anything — I highly doubt we’ll be getting stationery with that embossed on the top — but it’s appropriate.  What else do you call the house with avocado kitchen appliances, a collection of high fluted tapioca glasses, and a “Florida Room”?

Did I mention the ever-awesome built-in sunburst clock?  Oh, Retro Acres, indeed.

The two months of construction have taken their toll, however.  My mother and I spent this entire week cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms.  (Floor scrubbing!  ACK!)  But it’s turned up some exciting discoveries, like an Ableskiver pan (mmmm, pancake balls), a hand-cranked kitchen gadget called a “Shred-O-Mat,” and a tiny brass fire extinguisher from what appears to be the 1940s.  Its packaging features a line drawing of a man putting out a flaming Studebaker.

Anyway, we haven’t arranged for an internet service provider in our new home yet, so it will be a while before I’m able to post again (unless I can sneak a trip up to the library or whatnot).