Neighbors as Well as Siblings

bunk-bed.jpgEleanor officially moved out of her crib and into the bottom of the bunk bed this month.  It’s been interesting and stressful, although the transition from bed-to-crib has been WAY smoother than Jeffrey’s was.

(Let’s just say that when Jeff made the transition, he spent quite a few nights sleeping on the floor behind his locked bedroom door.  It was THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP HIM IN.)

Ella, on the other hand, will gladly stay wherever it is her big brother stays — and that means that we frequently find her curled up on the top bunk with her brother.  She tries to reassure us that she’s safe as she’s climbing up there (“Don’t worry!” she shouts.  “I’m still lying down!”)

Tonight, however, we discovered a switch: Jeffrey had dragged his pillow, blankets, and required reading (Lego catalog) down to Ella’s bunk.  When we ordered him back on top, he protested.

“But I’m doing my Visiting Teaching,” he explained.  Clever fellow.