The End of the Beginning

Here’s my big dirty secret: Since late February, I have been working on a novel.  Tonight I finally — finally! — finished the first draft.

Clocking in at 420 pages, it is bad. 

It is very bad. 

But it is there

There’s a couple of continuity problems to fix, but afterwards I’m going to take some time off from it before I begin revisions.  During this time, Brian will have the thankless task of reading it and telling me which parts are good (I’m already fully aware of which parts are not).  Come January, the revisions will begin, and boy howdy.  About 120 of those pages have gotta go.

For now, however — time to boogie.  My reward for tonight is a big mug of hazelnut cocoa and Community on Hulu.  And then maybe a few rounds of my own personal happy dance.

Oh, and please don’t ask me what the book is about.  I’m going out on a big enough limb just to admit what I’ve done; I don’t need any further humiliation.  Maybe around Draft #11 . . .