Gross Anatomy

lips.jpg“Mommy, does Baby William get milk from your lips?”

Eleanor was asking me this one afternoon as I held her on my hip in the kitchen.

“My lips?” was the only reply I could give.  What was she talking about?

“These, Mama,” she replied, patting my ample chest.  “Your lips.”


“And I have lips, too!” she said, raising her shirt to show me.

How — how — how did this mix-up happen?  That’s what I want to know.

2 thoughts on “Gross Anatomy

  1. Oh dear.

    We’ve been noting for a while that Sarah will give anyone kisses, and that Beth will show anyone her belly button (with her shirt pulled practically over her head — “I know it’s down there somewhere!).

  2. my little brother insisted he had nickles on his chest until his big brother handed him a coin and said no this is a nickle those are nipples so now he pays with nipples and has nickles on his chest ugh I give

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