Happy Half Birthday, Wimmy!

cupcake.jpgYesterday William turned six months old, and we continued the tradition we started with our first child and celebrated his Half Birthday.  We made half of a cake, put on a tiny half candle, and gave him a “half present” (a sweater I’ve knitted for him that has yet to be sewn up — I’ve gotta do that tonight).

The cake was the Brown Butter and Almond Cake with Caramel Apples from Sticky, Chewy, Messy Gooey — the pretty little cookbook Brian gave me for Christmas.  Sadly, I misread the baking time, so it was a little too brown on top, but it was still delicious.

William did a fine job at blowing the candle half out.  Jeffrey and Eleanor blew out the other half, a task in which they found immense pleasure.

We meant to play “half” versions of traditional children’s party games — like “Pin the Tail!” or “Blind Man!” or “Musical!” but after cake and ice cream (and caramel apples that took just too darn long to make) the big kids were just a little too tired and cranky, and so we packed ’em off to bed.

Just as a side note, if you are a fan of half birthdays (or cute babies in general), take a look at this book:


Oscar’s Half Birthday by Bob Graham — some of the prettiest writing you’ll ever find in a picture book, with a topic that can’t be beat for cuteness: an urban family taking an outing to celebrate the baby’s first half year.  Darling.

2 thoughts on “Happy Half Birthday, Wimmy!

  1. HOW IS IT, I ask you, that I didn’t know you were keeping another blog? One that’s JUST about yourself and your kids and Casa Camisas? And why is it that I had to find out from the link on Sarah’s blog?

    Sigh. All this keepin’ up with the Pittsburghers is too, too time-consuming. Worth it, I should add. But tiring. Think I’ll go take a nap, and giggle to myself about the half-a-candle on Wim-Wim’s half-a-cake.

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