Now With Double Wrist Action!

baby-hand.jpgWilliam’s latest quirk is to rapidly flick both of his wrists whenever he’s . . . well, experiencing some kind of emotion.  He’ll hold up both hands and just flick flick flick, as if he’s conducting some invisible hyperactive orchestra.  People keep asking me if he’s learned how to wave “hello.”  Um, no. . . although it is tempting to fib and let on that he’s preternaturally brilliant.  But this is how it usually works:

William’s upset about being set down in his crib!  flick flick flick

William is in his highchair, and Mommy is bringing out the mashed bananas!  flick flick flick

William sees his favorite bead-bear toy being held a few inches in front of his face!  flick flick flick . . . and then grab

It isn’t an indication of pleasure or pain, it’s just . . . like the wrist equivalent of seeing gears turning in his head.  Like he’s experiencing so much emotion or thought at once, he has to burn off the excess via his wrists.

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