Broadcasts and Woodworking Tips

radio.jpgThis afternoon, while sitting in the front seats of the (parked) car and gazing in the mirror, Jeffrey fiddled with the radio dials and said this:

“Good morning, listeners!  The forecast for today is that Jeffrey and Mommy will look in the mirror!”

I’m guessing that he hasn’t figured out that a “forecast” refers to things that are going to happen.

Later, at bedtime:

“Mommy!  I can’t go to sleep without Bat Tiger!  I need him close to him so he can get snuggles and kisses!”

Here I should explain that Bat Tiger is just that — a stuffed tiger wearing a Batman outfit, the product of a Grandma-sponsored trip to the Build-A-Bear Workshop.  I fished Bat Tiger out of the nest of blankets Jeff habitually keeps on his top bunk and placed him on Jeffrey’s pillow.

“Is Bat Tiger a superhero?” I asked.

“No, he’s my assistant,” he replied matter-of-factly.  “He helps me build forts, except for one time when he got sick because he didn’t have his goggles.”  Jeffrey traces circles around his eyes with his fingers, to show what he meant.  Goggles.  Goggles?
“Yeah.  See, I needed to shave some wood for the fort, and sand and polish it, and Bat Tiger didn’t have his goggles on and his eyes got hurt.”

I love that my son is safety-conscious in his fantasy play.  Good old Bat Tiger.

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