No, It Isn’t Ironic

I just discovered the blog Judge a Book By Its Cover. It’s written by a public librarian who keeps track of all the horrible book covers she runs across, and gleefully mocks them. It’s a bit too raunchy for my tastes, but a quick scroll down produced this lil’ tidbit of gold:


Yes, it is a real, honest, non-sarcastic book. Probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a while — I’m adding it to my mental list of Bad-Good Book Titles (which also include Build Your Own Strativarius Violin and Really Bad Girls of the Bible). Thank you, lousy typographer!

One thought on “No, It Isn’t Ironic

  1. beautiful

    it couldn’t be any more perfect

    just sent this to my friends who still tease me for being a practicing typographer

    and yes, I would still read it cover to cover…

    thank you for sharing


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