On the Bunny Trail

The Saturday before Easter, to me, is the right time for all the secular bunny-bunny stuff.  Not that I don’t set out baskets of goodies for my kids on Sunday morning.  But it’s Saturday when we go to the church and have the egg hunt, and Saturday evening is when we dye eggs.

In honor of that, I’m posting a bit of vintage film goodness that my kids have been going crazy for.

The first is from Easter Parade, which we Netflixed last week.  Eh, it wasn’t quite as successful as the other musicals we’ve watched (the plot is confusing, the dialogue boring) but it does begin with a fabulous Fred Astaire number called “Drum Crazy.”  It’s perfect for springtime, although I must warn you that this song may stick in your head for a while (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing):

The second film is a Disney Silly Symphony called “The Funny Little Bunnies.”  It shows rabbits decorating eggs and carving chocolate bunnies, and my kids really, really (no, really) love watching it.  Perhaps this is because it showcases a style of animation so different from what we see today — the cyclical, repetitive motions, the symmetrical movements across the screen, the panoramic shots with dozens of figures scurrying around — it’s as if the universe is performing mitosis.

My two cents: I love that kilt-wearing bunny painting the tartan egg.  C’est bon.

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