Sunny Side Up

smiley-blankie.jpgThe latest news from Ella-land:

Lately she’s in full revolt against the idea of toilet training. “I’ll wear underwear when I’m three,” she says airily. If I try setting her on the toilet, she stiffens her body and screams. If I show her the fancy-shmancy underwear, she throws it across the room. And screams. We’ll get there someday . . . someday. . . someday.

I put a denim jumper on her last week, and she peered at it curiously. “It’s my jumping dress!” she later exclaimed, and gave a demonstration across the room.

Skipping is one of her favorite things to do, especially when holding my hand as we walk along the sidewalk. “Skip, Mama,” she’ll urge, only it comes out sounding more like “Dip, Mama!” Oh, how she loves it when I skip with her! Oh, how I’m afraid of falling right on my face in the parking lot!

Last week, Ella’s blankie took a trip through the washing machine and dryer. (It had been getting a bit, shall we say, “musky.”) Little did I know that a little felt sticker had been put in the wash too — a little orange and yellow felt smiling sun. The sticker fell apart, but the little yellow circle with the smiley face somehow got fused onto the blankie. It won’t come off, but we don’t much mind. Now Eleanor’s blankie is always happy to see her. Although, if the blankie knew what fate lay in store for it — if it saw the shredded, over-loved remains of its predecessor — it would probably be running for its fuzzy little life. That’s why Blankie the First remains under Lock and Key. And by lock and key, I mean In The Highest Bureau Drawer I Can Find.

Speaking of Blankies:


Owen by Kevin Henkes is probably the cream of the blankie-oriented crop.  Little Owen is practically joined at the hip to his little yellow blanket.  Nosy next-door-neighbor Mrs. Tweezers is trying to convince his parents that it’s time to let go of his ol’ pal.  Owen manages to thwart Mrs. Tweezer’s various blankie-removal advice, until his mother comes up with an ingenious compromise that keeps Owen with his buddy and saves face around the neighbors of the world.  My personal favorite of Henkes’ mouse books.

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