Quotable Quotes

Yesterday we went to visit the Carnegie Science Center, for what is probably the last time.

During a presentation about dinosaurs, an eight-year-old girl sat next to me and cooed over William, who was in my arms. After complimenting his chubbiness, eyes, and smile, she suddenly grew quiet and frowned, staring at Wimmy’s yead.

“Did you cut his hair?” she asked.

Okay, fine. The haircut is bad! I admit it! Why must I continue to fend off remarks like this?!? Because it’s poetic justice? Probably!

Other recent remarks from around the house:

Eleanor on dance: “Mama, want to see me do a ballet?” [She jumps up and down and flaps her arms.] “BALLET! BALLET! BALLET!”

Jeffrey has recently discovered that the suffix “-ism” is used to describe occupations. So, a person who shoots with a bow and arrow is an “arrowist.” After school on Friday he buried the apple seeds leftover from his lunch in the front yard — “I’m a very good buryist.”

Lately I’ve noticed how our classic film-a-thon is beginning to have an effect on the kids. Jeffrey occasionally opens the refrigerator door while spreading his arms wide and singing, “GOTTA DANCE!”

Actually, Eleanor refers to Singin’ in the Rain as “Gotta Dance.” “Mom, I have two favorite movies,” she told me a few days ago. “I like Meet Me in St. Louis because there’s a little girl just like me in it. And I like Gotta Dance because there’s a lady with long legs just like you in it.”

Whoa. You know who that lady is, right?

Have I mentioned how much I love my daughter? Really, really love her?

Meanwhile, Jeffrey has gotten involved in the Obama campaign. He found a bunch of Obama stickers somewhere and plastered them all over his Spider-Man lunchbox (Oy), and apparently gets in discussions about politics with a girl in his preschool class. “Mooooom,” he tearfully cried to me after school one day, “Caty says that a girl is going to be President! But I said it’s gonna be Barack Obama.” And who do Mom & Dad support?

No comment.

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