Loving & Leaving Pittsburgh: Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill is my ‘hood.  Technically I don’t live in Squirrel Hill (I’m not saying where), but it’s definitely my favorite of the thirty-odd neighborhoods in the city of Pittsburgh.

I love the corner of Forbes & Murray . . .

. . . The JCC and its funky Hebrew-numeral clock . . .

. . . Little’s Shoes!  With its fabulous retro-everything!  I mean, they still hire people to hand-paint their sale signs.

S.W. Randalls is a wonderful little toy store.  We are sad that we won’t be around long enough to enter the Lego contest this year.

No trip up Murray is complete without a visit to Dozen Cupcakes.  Man, we are SO ADDICTED to these things!  I love the cute window display . . .

. . . and Jeffrey loves the cute cupcake display.

Kazansky’s is where we go when we need a good Reuben fix.

Oh, there’s too many other favorite places!  Rita’s Italian Ices (love that mango), Games Unlimited (and its curiously eccentric staff), the Tango Café, Aladdin’s (with its sumptuous dessert case and excellent falafel), Forward Lanes (the only bowling alley I know that’s on the second floor of a building), The 61-C (named after a popular bus line), Knit One (keeps me in with the yarn ladies) –oh, I can’t name them all, but I’ll certainly miss them.

One thought on “Loving & Leaving Pittsburgh: Squirrel Hill

  1. You missed my favorite–the library. And the great sushi restaurant that was at the bottom of Murray. What a great neighborhood. And I disagree about the hills. The hill up Shady to Forbes always felt daunting to me when walking with my kids…

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