Happy Birthday Wimmykins!

He’s one year old today!

The funny thing is, I was happy that his birthday was in late July, so it wouldn’t ever conflict with major holidays.

BUT — then we moved to Utah, which celebrates Pioneer Day on the 24th.  Oh, well.  At least there will always be parades and rodeos to see on his birthday.  In fact, Jeffrey and Eleanor already participated in a neighborhood ’round-the-block children’s parade this morning.  Their impromptu pioneer costumes were cuuuuute.

I’ve make chocolate sour-cream cupcakes, and he will be given one to devour all by himself.  Friends of ours from Pittsburgh are coming over for a party (we are currently at Brian’s parents’ house).  A candle will be lit.  Bubbles will be blown.  A big ol’ pile of presents will be unwrapped.

It’ll be the greatest birthday he’ll never remember.

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