We’ve Been Patriotic N’at

Woop!  The election cycle finally came to a close this week!  And Barack Obama is our first African-American president!

How did people celebrate on election night?

In Michigan, my sister-in-law went to a giant spontaneous rave/nerd party in the middle of campus that lasted until 4 a.m.  It got cra-za-zy when a bunch of percussion majors began drumming, which resulted in all the students marching around town.  I’m sure the good citizens of Ann Arbor were thrilled.

In Brooklyn, my other sister-in-law and her husband noticed that a party was going on on the street corner that night, and they walked down to check it out.  They beat a hasty retreat however, when all the white hippies in attendance began singing “We Shall Overcome.”


At Retro Acres, we decided to host an election-night party.  Because we are indeed in Utah, we decided to keep the spirit of the event non-partisan.  However, this was kind of spoiled when the guests arrived to find our children jumping on the couch and chanting “ba-WOK o-BAMA!  ba-WOK o-BAMA!” 

Most of our friends were not particularly enthusastic about either presidential candidate, so Brian and I tried to restrain ourselves to only a few quiet “woo-hoos” when it was becoming evident that McCain was getting thumped.  And now that our friends are all out of the house, let me just say:


How was the voting experience this year?  We voted early, at the student union of the University of Utah.  We arrived just before the polls closed, and there was quite a bit of a line.  But the kids were happy to fiddle around with the arcade games and pool tables while we waited.  Utah uses computers for its polls, and Brian and I both let our kids take turns pressing the buttons we wanted. 

After we were finished, we spent time walking around the campus and marvelling at what things had or hadn’t been altered in our absence.  (The Marriott Library looks so sleek and shiny now!  But the same dusty-book smell remains.) 

Change: it’s certainly something to believe in.  Ha!

3 thoughts on “We’ve Been Patriotic N’at

  1. Brooke, I so wish I had been able to come your election party. I would have added my woohoo and stayed afterward to really let it out. 🙂 As it was, I ended up watching the election on my computer, eating a pumpkin shake and crying at both the concession and acceptance speech.

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