No. 9, No. 9, No. 9, No. 9

As of today, Brian and I have been married for nine years.  Nine!  Brian gave me a handmade ceramic vase to celebrate the occasion, because he looked up that the ninth anniversary is the “pottery” anniversary.  I find this especially amusing, since he’s never bothered before to observe the other official anniversary gift patterns.

Apparently #10 is the “tin” anniversary.  What, was that list made when Queen Victoria was alive and merchant tinkers still roamed the land?

We spent the evening at a very nice restaurant called The Paris Bistro, and spent part of our meal trying to remember all our past anniversaries.

Know what?  They’re starting to blur.  We can’t quite remember them all.  Here’s what we got:

  • First: stayed at a B&B in Provo, since Brian’s brother’s mission farewell was the following morning.
  • Second: can’t quite remember.  We may have spent it apart, since I flew home to Utah early that year, in order to get cheap airfare, and Brian had to stay behind and finish the semester.
  • Third: Jeffrey was a newborn.  I think we may have traded babysitting with another family, and rushed out to get Thai food.
  • Fourth: can’t remember.  Jeffrey was one.  We do know we stayed in Pittsburgh for Christmas that year.
  • Fifth: We were expecting Eleanor then, and stayed in a B&B in Salt Lake called Wildflowers.  I think we may have eaten dinner at Tucci’s, an Italian restaurant we frequented while dating.  We realized that Tucci’s seemed far more fancy back then, when we were starving undergrads, than it does now.
  • Sixth: Eleanor was a newborn, Jeff was three.  We visited Brian’s siblings in NYC, and they watched the kids for a few hours while we grabbed dinner together in the city.
  • Seventh: Can’t remember.  This may have been the year that my mother guilted Brian and I into seeing Beauty and the Beast at the Pioneer Theatre on our anniversary with the whole family instead of going off on our own, because that was the only night convenient to her.  (Hey, the play was fun anyway.)
  • Eighth: Brian’s parents gave us an early Christmas present — a gift card to Magleby’s, a cute restaurant in Provo.  It was an enormous amount of food, and we can’t remember if we saw a movie afterwards or not. 

So, as you can see, senility is already beginning to set in.  (We blame grad school.)

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