There Went Santa Claus

A grand Christmas was had by all in the Casa Camisas family.  For the first time in ages, we were able to celebrate with just our little family on Christmas morning.  It was wonderful.

The kids slept in, as is their habit — actually, I had a bad dream on Christmas Eve and was therefore the first to wake.  Once everyone was up, however, the children were so excited!  It was loads of fun to lead them into the library, where Santa had left their treats.

Jeffrey saw his Lego “troll wagon” set right away — he’d been talking about wanting one for weeks.  He immediately opened it onto the coffee table and insisted on putting it together right then.

Eleanor found her baby doll sitting in its little dolly highchair, and gently picked it up.  She immediately christened the doll “Allelujiah” and spent the next several minutes cuddling with it on the couch.  Every now and then she would look up at me shyly and murmur, “Mommy, it’s just what I wanted, it’s just what I wanted.”

We gave William a “Bilibo,” this odd little rocking/climbing toy, but he wasn’t interested in it nearly as much as the candy cane he found in his stocking.  He fished it out and held it high, squawking until we opened it for him.  While his big brother and sister enjoyed their new toys, he marched around the room in a happy stupor, crunching noisily on his sweet.

That’s the best memory of this Christmas — a quiet, old-fashioned one full of delighted children.  There were some other good bits, too — the gasp of surprise and glee when Jeffrey unwrapped his Playmobil set of Romans.  Eleanor tucking Allelujiah into her doll crib and singing a lullaby.  My parents later brought over their new Rockband set, and Jeffrey managed to get a great score on a Beastie Boys song just by babbling incoherently into the microphone.  But it was that morning that Brian and I treasure the most — just us, just quiet, full of peace and love.

One thought on “There Went Santa Claus

  1. It was our first Christmas in our home too. Lovely, Lovely. And I couln’t help but laugh at Jeffrey rocking the Beastie Boys. The image, my goodness, was enough to make me fall off my chair.

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