March of the Snowasaurs


When the snow is a few days old it becomes nice and wet — perfect for building things out of snow.  Brian has always enjoyed making whimsical snow creatures — I remember him building hearts and Easter Island heads for me when we were first dating — and this year, he’s making dinosaurs.  Hence the cool spiky Stegasaurus on our front lawn.  Alas, the icicles were removed by our children a few days later, so it now looks like some other kind of -saur.  I still love the snowy guy anyway.  Brian is especially proud of the fact that the dinosaur looks as if he is munching on our shrubs.


Brian just finished this T-Rex last night, created in honor of the first full sentences Jeffrey wrote by himself at school: “I am T rex. I am smiling at you.”  We are quite proud of Mr. Rex; you can’t quite tell in this picture, but the icicle claws are slightly curved — they were formed by water dripping down some leaves.  This sculpture is positioned in our yard in such a way that he looks as if he’s just about to chase the steg-less stegasaur, who, owing to some warm weather, looks rather dismayed about the loss of his spiky stegs.  But that’s natural selection for you.

Edit 1/11/09:

Brian made a THIRD snowasaur just this afternoon, mere minutes after I had finished writing the above blather.  It’s a triceratops (a request from Jeffrey), and looks mega-awesome.  It’s ready to kick some major T-Rex tail:


9 thoughts on “March of the Snowasaurs

  1. I did have to stand on a chair to get the top of the head on and the teeth in. I made a triceratops today, maybe Brooke will put that picture up too.

  2. These dinosaurs are strangely reminiscent of a Christmas ornament I once received . . . made of masking tape. Oh, and it played a little song when you pulled the tape-tongue.

    Glad to see the genius and joy still live on.

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