This is Why I Can’t Ever Leave Them Alone

I just stopped my husband from attempting to give my sons haircuts in the middle of the living room rug. 

We usually do it in the bathroom, so I don’t know what the logic was with moving to the living room, but anyway.  Round of applause for my wifely intervention, please.

2 thoughts on “This is Why I Can’t Ever Leave Them Alone

  1. That cracks me up. I’m sure Kelly would think nothing of that either. Today I got home from visiting teaching and when I asked Benjamin what they’d done while I was out he said, “Daddy sleep. Me scream.” Only a man.

    By the way, I loved your comment on my blog. I love Jeffrey’s creativity. I was reading “Where the Wild Things Are” to Benjamin the other day and Kelly said, “you know who Max reminds me of? Jeffrey.” So true.

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