Forget That Sprinkler Post . . .

 . . . we have since had a week of full-on snowstorms. 

They come, they melt, they leave. 

They come they melt, they leave.

They come, they melt, they ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY.

It doesn’t help that Eleanor has been sick with flu for the past four days.  Today is the first of those days that she’s felt well enough to get out of bed and watch television. 

It also doesn’t help that, since Jeffrey has rediscovered his swimsuit, he can’t understand why it isn’t a good idea to continue frolicking around outdoors in it.  There have been countless occasions this week when I’ve had to tug a half-naked six-year-old back through the front door while snowflakes whirl around our heads, the boy screaming and kicking about sprinklers and wading pools the entire time. 

Is it a wonder that our neighbors know Jeffrey’s name very well (from hearing me cry “Jeffrey!  JEFFREY!” over and over) but not Eleanor’s or Wimmy’s??

Grumble, stupid snow.  Whatever happened to that whole “blowing out like a lamb” spiel, eh?  EH?

For Further Reading:

how-mama-brought-the-springHow Mama Brought the Spring by Fran Manushkin, illus. Holly Berry.  A tidy story-within-a-story about a mother reminiscing about her childhood in Belarus, and how her mother would make golden, sizzling blintzes as a way to welcome spring.  The story is a foodie’s dream (did I mention the flame-red cherry jam?) and the writing is peppered with language as charming and homey as artist Holly Berry’s accompanying folk-art-inspired illustrations.  There’s a recipie for cheese blintzes in the back; Jeffrey loves this book so much that we decided to make them for dinner one night, which we did.  He was so excited that he insisted I quote certain lines from the book as we went along — such as raising my fork at the dinner table and saying “Now!  Eat in good health!”  Which,  mmmmm, we certainly did.

2 thoughts on “Forget That Sprinkler Post . . .

  1. I’ve long since come to the realization that Utah is the exact oposite of the whole lamb and lion thing. We always get a nice warm spell near the begining of the month that gets you really excited about spring and it tricks all the flowering trees to bloom and then BAM the snow returns at the end of the month. Heart breaking.

  2. I love the book list, but how can you not include Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like by Jay Williams? That’s number one on my list!

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