Easter Cuteness

Brian gave me grief the other day about how I hadn’t posted any pictures of the children in a long, long while.  He keeps wanting to send his colleagues at work to this blog in order to show off the kinder, but there aren’t any pictures!  Horrors!

Well, that’s something easily amended.  Here, everyone — enjoy some kid pics in cute Easter clothes.

This first picture was technically taken the day before Easter, just before we went to a wedding lunch.  But this is Ella’s special Easter dress.  I think it’s kind of funny, the way each child happens to be holding his or her favorite toy: a Lego car, a doll, a bear. 


The dress came with a little matching one for her Jenny doll.  I nearly swooned from the girliness of it all.  The next picture was taken on Easter proper.  Love that hat.  Note the chocolate gripped in Wimmy’s little fists.


Jeffrey insisted on turning sideways for his picture.  Yes, that’s a bike helmet on his head.  This is de rigeur for Jeffrey’s portraits.


2 thoughts on “Easter Cuteness

  1. Ah, William is so big. E & J too, but it’s most noticeable for baby W. And Jeffrey, we miss your zany style! Alexander needs a boy like you to play with (you 2 could ask each other questions all day: what would win– a t.rex or king kong? what’s faster– a cheetah or a killer whale?)

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