What I’ve Been Up To, Pt. 1

The main problem is that my standard time for blogging is Saturday afternoons.  So what is to become of Ye Blog when every one of my Saturdays involve something time consuming yet wonderful?

Case in point: the Midwest Pilgrimage.  Here are all of my best friends from Pittsburgh.  We met together at a women’s retreat in Rockford, Illinois.  Aren’t we a corking good bunch?

 Midwest Pilgrims 2009

(Images almost identical to this one have already appeared on many of my friends’ blogs.)  It was three glorious days of spill-your-guts style conversation, eating M&Ms, and sleep deprivation — like a great big old slumber party, only without Footloose blaring, unwatched, in the background (such were the slumber parties of my youth).  What a lovely bunch of smart, curious ladies . . . I’m already counting down the days until next year.

Until then, I’m going to be heading off to the Utah Pilgrimage with my mother in law this weekend (have I mentioned how wonderful she is?).

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