The Princess Festival, Egads

Princess Festival 2009 Pumpkin Coach

It’s tough being the only girl in the family, right?

It’s also tough being the middle child, right?

So it’s a good idea when Mom decides to lavish some one-on-one time with said only girl/middle child, riiiiiight?

That’s basically the logic behind my decision to take Eleanor to the Princess Festival that was held down in Lindon yesterday.  It’s hosted by this very wealthy family as a fundraiser for impoverished Kenyans.  They even flew some Kenyan children in to participate.  Here’s Eleanor jumping on the trampoline with them (they were very sweet to involve her in their play):

 Princess Festival 2009 tramp

The site of the Princess Festival is “Hatfieldadelphia” (sworn enemy of McCoyadelphia) — a privately owned reception center/pleasure garden/castle owned by the aforementioned very wealthy family.  It features a witch’s cottage with a twisty slide running out its back, a massive fountain, a pavilion topped with a giant Russian-style dome, a big giant playground, a covered picnic area, a tiny Statue of Liberty holding aloft a street lamp, etc.  It gave the impression of being a very small amusement park with no rides.  The reception center was surrounded with giant iron statues of African animals.  Here’s Eleanor on an elephant:

 Princess Festival 2009 Elephant

ANYWAY — the Festival.  Girls came bedecked in their sparkliest duds, and a woman dressed as the Blue Fairy guided them through a role-playing adventure.  The kids helped Snow White decline the witch’s apple (Ella was a tad afraid of the witch, and had to find Mom for a moment).  They helped Rapunzel’s Prince reach the just-out-of-reach braid of hair hanging from the castle tower.  They gave the Beast a hug and he turned into a prince.  They helped Cinderella go to the ball.  They taught the Blue Fairy how to dance and twirl (said Rapunzel’s Prince: “You guys dance awesome.”)  The photo below is of Eleanor with Beauty and her Beast-turned-Prince.  Love them braces:

Princess Festival 2009 beauty & beast

At the end of the adventure, the girls went into the fairytale-decorated ballroom and watched the various princes and princesses they had just helped while they did a spiffy ballroom dance routine (the teenagers involved in this program deserve MEDALS, let me tell you).

At the end, Eleanor shyly introduced herself to the various fairytale characters, with emphasis on the shyly.  She was a wee bit overwhelmed by the sheer bigness of it all, but it was nothing another ’round of bouncing on the trampoline couldn’t fix.  Ella says her favorite part was meeting Cinderella.  You gotta admit, she does look just like the Disney cartoon.

Princess Festival 2009 Cinderella

Grandma Shirts and Great-Grandma Hanson accompanied us on the trip through fairyland, for which they deserve medals, as well.  Much cuteness was enjoyed by all.  Ella is a lucky girl.

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