Viva Las Something

This past week we went to visit our friends, Tim and Becca, in Las Vegas.  Tim is a freelance musician.  Becca is a freelance writer.  They are overwhelmingly creative and fun to visit.  Here’s a quick summary:

On the way down we went for a short hike in the Kolob region of Zion’s National Park.  It isn’t for the faint-hearted, owing to the heights.  (Don’t worry — there really isn’t a dropoff behind us, it just looks that way.)

 Zion's 2009 Kolob Area 1

Ella was  a Ranger Girl (if you couldn’t tell from her shirt).  She and Jeffrey both recieved their Junior Ranger badges while we were there.

Zion's 2009 Kolob Area 2

Brian and I are not fond of casinos.  So, when we weren’t hanging out with Tim, Becca, and their five kids (they are nocturnal people, so there was lots of time for this) we went to the Natural History Museum (where Jeffrey “dug up” this fine pot) . . .

 Las Vegas Natural History Museum

. . . and saw the Hoover Dam.  We’re standing on top of it.  The cool suspension bridge under construction in the background is unrelated to the dam, albeit very cool.  I’ll admit that the dam is not really at its most spectacular from this angle, but it’s difficult to photograph in its entirety.

 Las Vegas Hoover Dam

Then we went home.  Eleanor was very sad to leave Anda, who is the only girl in Tim & Becca’s family.  The children of both families were all of similar temperaments, so they made friends easily, and played together spectacularly well.  Aren’t the girls cute?  I hope we see them again sometime soon.

Anda and Ella

2 thoughts on “Viva Las Something

  1. I’ve gotten behind on my blog reading and so I just read the last few entries. I love the princess festival! And I completely sympathize with you about piano lessons. I haven’t started lessons with Benjamin, but we also have times when I’d really like him to do something and I know he could do it well, but he refuses to put in the effort or the patience required. I also bring my own set of expectations and worries and often give tension headaches to all invovled. I don’t know how to handle the issue with Jeffrey, but for all such situations, it helps me to compare it to us and God. How many times does he give us things that he knows we can handle and even succeed at, and yet we get lazy and refuse to put in the effort? How does he handle those things with us? It helps me to remember that next time I’m faced with a challenge, er, I mean growing opportunity.

  2. I got your message on my blog – technically I was in utah, but I wasn’t in Salt Lake except for a few hours. It was just a trip to Richfield to see Kelly’s family and I managed to stay with Laura for a little bit completely spur of the moment on the way back home because she lives a 5 minute drive away from Kelly’s sister. I would have loved to see more of the pleth, but it was really Kelly’s family trip and I was just tagging along. Next time I hope it will be different.

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