The First Day of First Grade

First%20GradeJeffrey is at that beautiful age when school is still a fun place ruled over by a teacher he adores.  First grade is promising to be wonderful, so far — we managed to have the good fortune to be assigned to the teacher that everyone in the neighborhood says is the best. 

We’ve finally retired the “Barack Obama” lunchbox — a Spider-Man lunchbox that managed to be plastered with election stickers during the Democratic primaries in Pittsburgh — which is kind of a sad rite of passage, but Jeffrey is exceedingly pleased with the new Star Wars lunchbox we found to replace it. 

Jeffrey is very glad to be back in school; he missed having lots of playmates this summer and would often become bored in the afternoons when I ran out of ideas for what to do.  The afternoon after his first day, I found him standing on one of the kitchen counters, reaching up to move the hands of our wall clock around.

When I asked what he was doing, he replied that he was trying to change the clock so that it would be school time again.  Cute boy — if only time worked that way!

One thought on “The First Day of First Grade

  1. It’s great that he loves school! We are beginning again on Thursday and I’m hoping all will go smoothly. Alexander generally likes school but complains about how he doesn’t have time for anything else. And I agree– it’s a long day that includes a long bus ride.

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