Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because there really isn’t anything else to do in mid-March.  The kids are very into it; they were thrilled to slip on green shirts this morning and tune in to the “Celtic Traditional” station on Pandora.

This is the inevitable result.  Enjoy:

7 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Amazingly cute, but I kept looking warily at the stick Jeffrey seems to be waving around right at William’s eye level. I truly am turning into my mother.

  2. Glad people are enjoying the cuteness. Kristen, don’t worry — Jeffrey’s just holding a plastic drinking straw. This is actually the second video I took of the kids this morning; the first one had too little dancing and too much of me saying “take the straw out of your mouth, Jeffrey.”

  3. Hey, wait a second! This implies that I would have no shame in posting a video clip that shows footage of Jeffrey poking William in the eye with a stick. I would do no such thing! Horrors!

    My personal Casa Camisas guarantee is that ALL of my video posts contain NO stabbings, intentional or otherwise. Okay?

  4. I have a firm belief in not posting anything that can be used as evidence–thus no pokings, stabbings or maimings, deliberate or otherwise. Yet another area where my laziness creativity runs rampant!

  5. They are all getting so big! I was impressed with how organized their performance was, you should take this on the road. PS – Sarah loved it and asked when we could come over to play.

    LOVE YOU!!

  6. That’s just my point- of course I know that there would be no stabbing, but I was still nervous about the mere sense of the possibility. Strange the things we inherit from our parents.

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