Happy Valentine’s Day!

I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love.  My love for baked goods.  Behold:

A successfully made Red Velvet Cake!  I attempted this same cake recipe last Valentine’s, and it was not pretty.  I didn’t have the right size cake pan, so the batter overflowed in the oven, and what was left in the pan collapsed into a big cake crater.

Oh, and I didn’t have enough red food dye, so the cake crater was the color of Spam.

But this year, I invested in the proper pan, and a full ounce of dye (that’s what you need, apparently) and lo!  A cake worth destroying! A happy Valentine’s was enjoyed by all!

Oh, and Katie felt the love, too:

Hmm.  On second thought, I think I’ll count this last picture as my Valentine’s present.  Yum.


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