Baby Smiles

Katie has begun to smile over the past week.  The smiles are always big, beautiful, and far too brief, like a flashlight with faulty batteries.  For a few fleeting instants, Katie’s face looks like it has a personality beyond “feed me.”  I’ve been trying to get a photograph of one, but the smile is always over before the camera’s ready, so instead I have a lot of pictures of Katie looking adorably cross-eyed and confused (in other words, same as usual).  I’ll post a smile as soon as I manage to get one.

In other news, Katie has also begun to recognize voices.  If she’s crying in her crib after a nap, she’ll calm down as soon as I enter the room and start speaking to her.  Diaper changes are no longer the traumatic experiences they once were.  Nursing is a cinch; she knows just what to do.  Best of all, she’s still growing at a fabulous rate.  She’s topping 10-11 pounds by my estimate, and her body is sturdy and strong, without any more of the fragile floppiness that so often plagues newborns.

And she’s still beloved by all.  A charmed life, in other words.

One thought on “Baby Smiles

  1. She is definitely beloved by all. June especially loved seeing her baby cousin tonight. I’m glad nursing is going well and she’s beginning to smile. How exciting.

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