Report Cards

Jeffrey and Eleanor brought home their report cards over the weekend.  I was concerned to see that Eleanor’s card noted that she has problems working independently and having a good attitude towards learning and following directions.

I mentioned this to Eleanor, and she took it seriously.  At dinnertime, she insisted on standing on a chair and being my helper, “so that I can be a better worker at school.”

ME: Yes, Eleanor.  You need to do your best at school.

ELEANOR: Yeah, and not get put into Time-Out so much.

ME: !?!?!?!

ME: You get put into Time-Out?

ELEANOR: Yeah, almost every day.

ME: Why?

ELEANOR: Because I keep talking when Mrs. Wright says not to.

ME:  Well, you need to follow your teacher’s directions.  There’s a time for talking and a time for doing your work.

ELEANOR: But Mrs. Wright says it’s okay to talk while we work!

ME: Oh?

ELEANOR: It just isn’t okay to scream while we work.

ME: [heavy sigh]

2 thoughts on “Report Cards

  1. Wow I would have never thought! That is funny. I’m sure she’s a great student, just likes to have fun. June, apparently is the class clown in nursery, which includes hiding in the toy boxes during story time and standing on the furniture trying to make all the kids laugh. At least Eleanor knows what’s right and wrong and seems to try to do well.

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