What This Tradition Needs is Big Flamboyant Hats

Jeffrey went to his first Pinewood Derby this past Friday night, and this is what he looked like:

That’s right, a blur.  When Jeffrey gets excited, he gives it his ALL.  The kind of All that you usually only see in the drunken infield of a NASCAR race.  At the end of the evening, his voice was hoarse from all the cheering.  Yes, cheering — he rooted for everybody, and hardly cared if his own car placed first or last.  In this picture, he zipped out of the frame just as I clicked the shutter button:

(Jeffrey’s car is the one on the far left.)

It was exhausting to watch him — we had gone downtown to the Living Traditions international festival just before the derby, and I was groaning from the Tongan Hula Platter I’d consumed — but at least he got out enough energy to sleep like a log that night!

Brian held him still long enough for this portrait, and as you can probably tell, he nearly exploded after all ten seconds of it.  His car is painted gold with what Jeff calls “pirate decorations” all over it.  At the last minute, he taped a Lego knight in the driver’s seat.  Ain’t he cute?

2 thoughts on “What This Tradition Needs is Big Flamboyant Hats

  1. Alexander was very impressed with how much Jeffrey has grown! He wanted to know what place Jeffrey was because these are the important details, you know. Yes, flamboyant hats would be great here!

  2. I had my first pinewood derby experience last month and it was jarring. I just don’t get a lot of what goes on in cub scouts. (My brothers were too busy doing drugs to be part of the scouts.)

    They actually had a computerized track and I felt like telling the grown men that perhaps they should have their own derby. Also, why are there so many races? We were there all day! And if you have a car not doing so hot, like my son, it’s like being stabbed 80 times each time you come in last. He survived without tears, but it was hard to watch, I’ll admit. I suppose it will be one of those character building experiences. At least it better be, b/c clearly some of the other cars had a lot of design help.

    Here’s to next year!

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