Hiking Gorgoza Park

Our local newspaper, The Salt Lake Tribune, has this fabulous “Hike of the Week” feature in its “Fit & Healthy” section.  Brian and I love keeping an eye out for kid-friendly trails that are close to home.  The side of our fridge is thick with little trail guides we’ve snipped out of the newspaper.

This past Tuesday we decided to try one of them out — a trail up Parley’s Canyon in a little natural area called Gorgoza Park.

What a charmer this place turned out to be!  There’s a tiny little pond at the base of a small green foothill, and the trail crosses over and around a tiny stream, its banks thick with aspen and scads of wildflowers:

Yes, yes — William is wearing his pants backwards in this picture.  His shirt was inside-out earlier in the day, and it took me several hours to convince him to fix it.  The pants were non-negotiable.

Eleanor wanted me to take this “silly” picture of her:

It was a little over a mile to a rocky outcropping on the peak.  There’s a great view of the surrounding area, and also, in this case, gathering storm clouds.  Look how oblivious we are of the impending doom:

We got caught in a five-minute cloudburst for the last five minutes of our hike.  It poured hard as we approached the trailhead, and then stopped right after we scrambled in the car.   That’s how it always is, right?

One thought on “Hiking Gorgoza Park

  1. It looks great! What a cool newspaper feature. I thought of you all when we were out west recently! I wish we’d had more time to stop by and barge in. 🙂

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