Bad News

In short: it looks like we’re going to be moving away from Utah next summer.

For a long time, Brian’s advisor at ARUP has wanted to hire him as soon as his residency was over.  We thought this was great.  But when said advisor went to the higher-ups to move things forward, he learned that his department wasn’t going to get any more money.

Ditto for any of the other positions Brian might hold at ARUP.  Shame on us for thinking this was a sure thing, I suppose, but I’m pretty torn up about it.

All of our family is here in Utah, and I love, love our house and neighborhood.  The house has been in Brian’s family since it was built, and if we move, it’ll be sold off.

To say I’ve been upset has been an understatement.  I’ve been blubbering quite a bit, and so stressed out and worried that I broke out in a case of hives.

HIVES.  All over my FACE and ARMS.

Okay, that’s enough for now.  If I keep writing about this, I’ll start crying again.  And the skin on my cheeks has had enough abuse for one week.

5 thoughts on “Bad News

  1. Moving to where? Michigan??? 😉 Because we all know how much growth and technology is coming to Michigan! 😉 Seriously, when the hives have calmed down, you need to fill in more details.

    1. We don’t know where we are going next; Brian’s sending out CVs to the handful of other medical schools that do his kind of research. U Mich is one of them, so who knows? Ann Arbor may be on the horizon. (In which case, hooray to have a friend nearby.)

      The uncertainty is, of course, part of why I’m flipping out. Arrrgh, I hate moving!

  2. Bad, bad, bad news! The house situation wrenched my stomach – that’s the worst. Well, actually it all sounds pretty dim. I’m so sorry. I’m there with ya, I am the world’s best worrier and will only make things worse. I hope you’ll give us more details as things work out.

  3. Oh no! That’s so sad. Nothing about the situation sound pleasant. I hate moving and the unknown. Despite how much the situation sucks, I do hope you find a job and a place to move to that you love. Keep us posted.

    1. Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope you can work through your grief and that very soon, it stops manifesting itself as hives! Are there any Minnesota options?

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