Get Your Ninja On

Jeff’s current obsession is with Lego “Ninjago” toys.  These are little ninja guys who battle each other by spinning around on tops.  Regular whirling dervishes, they are.

Which of course led to Jeffrey wanting to have a ninja-themed birthday party.  Gosh if I knew how to do that.  But we improvised.

We made throwing stars out of cardboard and duct tape and threw them at targets in the yard (way harder than you think) (Jeff took it SERIOUSLY)

and had a relay race that involved chopsticks and marshmellows.  We also played Blind Man’s Bluff, cleverly renamed as “Ninja Sneak.”  This was followed up by a Speed Slice tournament on Wii Sports Resort.  Even my parents played; they were really good at chopping up the giant bamboo.

I even went a little crazy at the Asian grocery store and served the kids gyoza and red bean ice cream.  The ice cream went over fine, but the gyoza?  Not so much.


So, a ninja cake.  How is it done?  Probably not like this:


And with candles, this ninja is happy to see you!

Jeff turned 9, but we always put on an extra candle “to grow on.”  Jeff was pretty thrilled.  Who cares what anyone else thinks?

But Mr. Ninja didn’t fare so well with the candles removed.  “He looks like Elmo!” is what all the children said.  One of them even gave him a cookie nose.  Sigh.  Well, I’m just glad my sweet boy had a special day.  Hi-YAH!

3 thoughts on “Get Your Ninja On

  1. Hey, the cake looked like a ninja (albeit a pink one) to me, even after the candles were removed. Elmo? Ridiculous!

    I have a vhs that Jeffrey might enjoy (though you might want to preview it, just in case). It’s a martial arts movie with two different titles: HEROES OF THE EAST and SHAOLIN VS NINJA, and it’s pretty fun to watch (especially the ninja parts). But we warned, the ninja loses.

  2. I was going to say it looks like Elmo is eating his own eyeballs. Good job though, you are always very creative with the kid’s birthdays and always make an impressive menu. They’re going to appreciate and remember their birthdays forever!

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