Rapunzel, Ninja, Spooky Evil Monster, check!

And one turducken, check!

The cuteness was in full swing, as you can see.  Katie sat on the floor behind me whenever I opened the door for trick-or-treaters, leading to a lot of fawning over her cuteness.  Once there was a whole platoon of preteen girls who all cooed and squealed at her in unison: “Ooooooooo the BAAAAABEEEE!”

Trip to the Haunted Symphony — done!

(I especially liked it when the conductor, dressed like a pirate, duelled someone with his baton.)

Parade at the elementary school — accomplished!

Yes, making Eleanor’s wig took quite a bit of work.  And 2 1/2 big skiens of curly yarn.  But it looks incredible and we are quite proud of ourselves.  Here’s a picture of it in-progress:

Eleanor and I wrapped the yarn around and around the kitchen table in order to keep the strands of hair a consistent length.  Crazy times.

Aaaaaand then the candy.  Our ninja developed a quirky obsession with KitKat bars this year.  As he put it (bursting through the door midway through trick-or-treating), “I TOTALLY HOGGED ALL THE KITKATS!”

Then he went out to get more.  He referred any non-KitKat candy as “discards” and traded most of it for Eleanor and Wimmy’s few KitKat bars.  The result?

Something like 34 bars.  Brian and I are puzzled because Jeff has never, not once ever shown a preference for this kind of candy or even mentioned it.  And now he’s hoarding them and won’t touch a single one until the “discards” are gone.

In other words, a happy Halloween for all.

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin’d

  1. Cute, cute kids! I love all of their costumes. That’s crazy you made Eleanor’s hair! Glad you had a fun Halloween! We just got the cute cards you sent to the girls in the mail today. Thanks so much! You are so nice to send us those. 🙂

  2. I love Eleanor’s wig! Isabella was Rapunzel too but I couldn’t find a wig she’d agree to wear. They were all way too itchy. Never would have thought to make one they way you did. Very creative.

  3. The rapunzel wig turned out great – actually helped somebody here work on one from a pinterest tutorial, but I think the curly yarn really fills it out.

    Turducken – hilarious.

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