Brian Graduates!

Status update from June 6, 2012:

Last night Brian graduated from his residency program!

We ate delicious food at the Grand America and only three people jumped up in the middle of the ceremony to watch the Transit of Venus. Scientists rule.

Just for the record, that’s 4 yrs med school + 3 years Ph.D. + 1 year fellowship + 3 years residency = 11 YEARS OF GRAD SCHOOL. OVER!!

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that two of the people who ran out to see the Transit of Venus were me and Brian.  BUT — there was one other scientist who came along and he had his own solar viewers in his shirt pocket.  See?  Brian and I aren’t the nerdiest people in the universe!  We’re obviously in a tie with that guy!

I also have to mention that the food at the Grand America included salmon with a honey-lavender glaze, which was unusual and delicious.

And now: Photo Evidence.

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