Hail & Farewell

Just about all my worldly possessions are on a truck right now, heading somewhere to the Great Northwest.  This is it: the Big Move.  Brian and I realized that we’ve been anticipating and worrying about this for an entire year now (it was about this time last year that we found out that it would be unlikely for Brian to get a job in Utah).  I just want to get it over and done with.

We had an open house over the weekend for friends and family to stop by and say farewell.  I took a few photos, but none of them turned out quite right.  So this is what I’m including instead: pictures from my hike in the Albion Basin from two weeks ago.

I had been hoping and hoping that I’d be able to do this hike one more time before leaving, but it was difficult to find the time.  Many, many thanks to my sainted in-laws for making this last-minute trip possible (Kathryn came with me and the big kids, while Randy stayed at home with the baby).

We were extremely fortunate with parking (always difficult on this popular trail).  I LOVE the clear air and the smell of pine trees!  Cecret Lake was lovely as always.  Wildflowers were in abundance, and to cap it off, we saw a moose!  He looked right at us, too.  Moose are some of Wimmy’s favorite animals, so he was especially pleased.

This trail is the essence of what I’m going to truly miss about Utah.  Friends and family?  Yeah, they will also be missed, but we’ll easily keep in touch with those.  Hiking the Wasatch, on the other hand, will be mighty difficult in the near future.

But hey!  Let’s look on the bright side!  Here the things I will not miss about Utah:

Our dreadful white linoleum kitchen floor

The old kitchen stove that takes 30 minutes to boil a pot of water

Winter inversions

Ugly billboards on the freeway

A popular culture that tends toward insular provincialism and faddish trendiness

The Eagle Forum

Having to vacuum the sunroom carpet

Food storage ads featuring BYU basketball stars

A lawn that costs more to water than we can afford

Nasty looks from neighbors who disapprove of our yellowish under-watered lawn

The kids up the street who bully my kids

People who complain that it’s hard to find time to take their kids to Disneyland in the winter because it interferes with the children’s skiing lessons (oh yes, this conversation really happened)

The world’s noisiest dishwasher

All of this: Buh-bye!!

4 thoughts on “Hail & Farewell

  1. We’ll miss you guys, but it’s not as if you’re going somewhere too far out there. So many adventures start out with a big change of scenery, and self discovery comes with exposure to new friends, challenges, and people. Make the best of it!

    Suddenly I’m feeling really jealous – I want to find out what else is out there in the big world, and show my kids what an awesome place it is!

  2. I will always be happy we ended up in the same state long enough to meet over pie and say goodbye over Gantos. I am content to know that the source of our introduction, this here new-fanged internet thing, will allow us to stay in touch, over all things kit-lit.


    A popular culture that tends toward insular provincialism and faddish trendiness.

    is a line so perfect I want to kiss you on the lips right now.

    Good-bye to the single most comprehensive source of Children’s lit in the state. As 1st runner-up, I will try an fill in as best I can.

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