That’s Agri-tainment!

I just realized that during this past week I’ve taken pictures of Katie sitting on THREE DIFFERENT TRACTORS.




Obviously I have a problem with the kid-on-a-tractor obsession.

Katie and I were invited to a birthday party at a faux-farm this week (you know . . . one of those farms that really isn’t a farm, but more of an extended playground/petting zoo for families to romp around in) and then later went to a farm festival at Camp Korey, a nonprofit camp for disabled kids.  I preferred the latter experience, since the former had 800+ kids and their grownups crowding around.

Also at the latter: baby chicks!


And a HAY RIDE!  (Why being driven around in a hay-laden tractor trailer is considered amusing mystifies me, but I won’t deny that it is indeed darn amusing.)


Which is a rather creative way to incorporate Seattle weather into a family festival.  Kids were going to town in that puddle.  I think I saw a toddler girl whose parents had obviously just given up on the whole staying-dry concept and was squatting around in the middle of the thing.  Other kids were wearing rain suits, which are like snowsuits, but made of waterproof nylon with no stuffing.  I’d never seen them before outside of an REI catalog.




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