Happy Birthday, Katie-Boo!


This year, Martin Luther King Jr. Day fell on Katie’s birthday.  Can we be forgiven for focussing more of our attention on her?  She is the ripe old age of two.  In case you forget her age, just wait a moment.  She’ll eventually do some semi-disastrous thing and remind you.

Both Brian and the kids had the day off from school, so to celebrate, we hit the slopes!


That is to say, we walloped the mountainsides with inflatable penguins.

Sledding!  Which does not come cheap in these parts, especially since what I’m used to paying for sledding is nothing. I’m sure there are sneaky little hillsides in the Snoqualmie Pass where one can sled for free without being cited by the snow police, but I’ve yet to locate any of them.  So the state parks-run Hyak sledding hill for us it is.

And, well.  It is nice to have heated bathrooms on hand, if that’s what the entrance fee pays for.  Ahem.


Much to my surprise, Katie loves sledding.  None of my other children enjoyed it when they were two, but Katie just squealed, laughed, and wanted to go again and again.

That is, until she got sick of wearing her mittens, and refused to put them back on.  Instead, she wanted me to hold her in my arms and blow hot air on her fingers to keep them warm.  That’s when I decided to retreat back to the minivan for hot cocoa.



During that break, Katie somehow managed to flip on the van’s headlights without me noticing and drained the engine battery.  Because I had obviously forgotten that she was two, and had to remind me.

Luckily, we were able to get a battery jump from other kind families and get home to hot pizza.  Yay, birthday memories . . .


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