William Quote: Life Is Tough


Today I sat down to help William with his reading homework, and he immediately leaned in for a hug.  I realized I hadn’t really cuddled with him at all today.

ME:  Aw, William.  Is life sometimes tough for you?

WILL: Yeah.

ME: What makes it tough to be William?

WILL:  Hmmm . . . .

[he thinks for a bit]

WILL: Well, I really like ice cream.


ME: Oh, you mean you like ice cream, but you only get to have it once in a while?

WILL: Yeah.

ME:  And that’s what makes life tough?

WILL: Yeah.

ME: What else?

WILL: I have to do my reading before I can open up any of my Valentines.  And it’s really tough to keep my eyes closed when someone is saying a prayer.

ME: It’s tough to do that?

WILL: Yeah, and when I’m praying, too.


WILL:  And that’s all.

ME:  Those are the only things that make life tough?  Not having enough ice cream, having to do reading before opening valentines, and keeping your eyes closed?

WILL:  When there’s a prayer.  And when I’m praying too.

ME:  Well, let’s take care of one of those right now, okay?

Any guesses as to which one we did?

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