Jeffrey Quote: Song

As we were about to sit down for piano practice this morning . . .

JEFF:  Mom!  I need to tell you something.

ME: Now is not the best time.

JEFF: But I want to tell you something — IN SONG!

ME: [considering potential hilarity]: Okay, what did you need to tell me?

JEFF: [leaning in and staring intensely]: Mom, I think I have discovered a song that will conquer Gangnam Style and make us famous and wealthy!

ME: Well, okay, what’s the song?

JEFF: [beatboxes furiously]

JEFF: What do you think?  Is it catchy?

ME: [heroically not cracking up]: I think I need to hear it again.

JEFF: [beatboxes with as much energy as he can muster]

ME: Yeah, that’s pretty memorable.

JEFF: Now all we need is to make a video with William and Katie acting all crazy!  And put it on the Internet!

Geez, get-rich-quick schemes have changed quite a bit since I was a kid.

One thought on “Jeffrey Quote: Song

  1. Oh my gosh. I wish we lived close. I’d get him into Tim’s studio and have him record it. Can’t wait to see the video!

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