A riddle: What has an adorable gap-toothed smile and enough energy to power Wisconsin?


ELEANOR ON HER BIRTHDAY.  Seriously, I could barely get the girl to calm down.  But who can blame her?  I’d be putting Keds-marks on the walls if I got to wear a spiffy loopy-rainbow headband . . .


. . . and had a good dozen of my friends show up for my birthday . . . 


(this is only half of the kids who came)

. . .  and got to have a giant cookie cake.




(“Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!”)

The sort-of theme for the birthday party was “Milk & Bookies,” inspired by this particular non-profit.  Instead of presents, the guests were asked to bring a book to donate to the Treehouse, a foundation that gives support to children in foster care.  We played book-ish themed games, I read stories (Epossumondas and The Princess and the Pig) and then everyone ate milk and cookies.


There were far, far more children at the party than we expected.  In the past, usually about 30% of the invites can’t come, but that wasn’t the case this year.  Whooo, boy.  Our final group activity was “Everyone Go Play Outside,” which they did.  With gusto.


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