Down and Derby

Jeffrey and Brian sanded this wedge-shaped car for about two weeks, whenever they have a spare moment or just feel like fidgeting.  Nothin’ like a pinewood derby car to bring out your inner fussbudget.


Jeff didn’t want to paint it, mainly because he has found the car that I “made” as part of a YW activity as a teenager.  I was a junior in high school, super busy, and didn’t remember to work on it until just a few hours before, so I drew with markers all over the plain wooden block and then nailed wheels to it.  Dubbed “The Brick,” it did okay in the races.

P1070224 P1070366

Anyway, as a result, Jeff wanted an unpainted car that he could draw on with markers as well.  I readily admit that his car is 100x cooler than mine, though.  The “J+B” on the side stands for Jeff + Brooke, although I think it should stand for Jeff + Brian as well.

I’m a little sad that I had to miss the race itself, since it conflicted with a Girl Scout activity.  Just a few more years until Wimmy’s making them, though (unless I can manage to finagle a heat for the Activity Day girls).

One thought on “Down and Derby

  1. You should totally get the achievement day girls to do one. Who wouldn’t like to make (and glam up for the girls I am sure) a car?

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