PawPaw Days: Port Townsend

After the home-run with the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, I thought I’d take another big swing with a ferry ride to Kingston.

The ferry ride was nice enough.  Sunshine!


But what to do on the other side?  Most of the businesses in Kingston were closed, but the ticket vendor at the ferry terminal recommended driving to Port Townsend, which is reportedly adorable.

And it is.  But it’s also a 45 minute drive from Kingston.  Which is not so great if you have to get back home before the kids get home from school at 4:00.  Alas, we didn’t realize the drive time until we were almost halfway there.


But it was fun anyway.  Seagulls of unusual size!


This random guy with his epaulet-bedecked coat!


And lunch beside the sea.  The water is incredibly clear in the Port Townsend Bay.  We saw a rowboat, sailboat, kayaks . . . and a sea otter!

Katie is quite the mealtime conversationalist.



Grandma & Grandpa:




The drive back was a bit of a race-the-clock white-knuckles on the steering wheel affair, but everything was chill once we got on the ferry.  Popcorn from the snack bar didn’t hurt, either.


And yes, we did make it back just in time to see the school bus pull up in front of my kids’ stop.  Whew!

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