Limping to the Starting Line

It’s always the same . . . I’m exhausted by the homework routine by the end of the school year, thinking, “I can’t wait for the freedom of summer to rejuvenate me!”  But then, after having all four kids home all summer, I think, “I can’t wait for school to start.  We can have structure in our day and it will rejuvenate me!”


I’m going to miss these kiddos.  It’s been a very fun summer.  And I obviously need to start cross-posting my Facebook stuff, since none of it is showing up here.  SO HERE YOU GO:



Katie insisted that Brian make her a lunch in a lunch box to carry to the school bus.  She was understandably miffed that she wasn’t allowed to board.  Fortunately, the sainted grandmother Kathryn is visiting right now, so hugs all around.



Jeff is in 5th, Eleanor in 3rd, and Wimmy is in 1st.  Katie starts preschool tomorrow, yoiks.

DSCN1222 DSCN1221 DSCN1220

And, of course, the school cones.  I felt bad this year because I didn’t find many cute things to put in them — just a few glittery pencils and some candy.  But you know what?  They loved them anyway.  I even found orange Tic-Tacs for Jeff, and he was overjoyed.  “This is my favorite kind of small candy!”  (As opposed to his favorite big kind, Kit-Kat.)  Eleanor proudly noted that this was the first year she untied the school cone, instead of ripping into the tissue paper.  Milestones, milestones.


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