Preview of Eleanor’s Choir

Eleanor is lucky enough to sing with the Seattle Chidren’s Chorus this year.  This week I got to see her perform!

Here she is with the “Brio” section of the choir (for 7-10 year olds).  They are singing a Christmas song about a cuckoo bird, I don’t know the title.  Eleanor is in the center of the back row and is wearing a pink headband.  I love how she does a little hop when she hits some of the high notes.

And here is the Brio choir singing “Adeste Fidelis” with Intermezzo (9-13 year olds).  Ella’s in middle of the second row of yellow shirts again, but she’s hidden behind another girl.  You can kind of see the edge of her headband if you watch closely.  She says that learning the Latin words was the biggest challenge so far.  I can’t wait to see their full Christmas concert in a week!


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